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Creative outlets of expression allow complex and strong feelings to be rendered in tangible forms that have the power to express things that words alone cannot

- Center for Hospice Care, Southeast Connecticut


National Advance Care Planning Day Wednesday April 16, 2014 saw the Comox Valley Advance Care Planning Committee celebrate heARTful Expressions at an evening exhibit and reception held at Berwick Retirement Community in Comox. 

heARTful Expressions emerged from a recognition of people’s individual creativity as a beneficial avenue for communication. As the Comox Valley is a unique region that is well known for its rich array of artistry and creativity including artists who work in many mediums, the committee established heARTful Expressions to encourage creative ways of ‘having the talk’ about advance care planning. Throughout 2013 community members with an interest in creativity and the arts were invited to take part in this project encouraging conversations about the issues, ideas, and concerns that may arise when people express their own personal wishes about advance care planning.

Nearly 200 individuals enjoyed viewing and listening to the unique sharings that formed our heARTful Expressions exhibit and we gratefully acknowledge the participating artists and their unique gifts and inspiration.

A variety of art mediums were celebrated including: theater, written verse & creative writing, painting, photography, rock art, paverpol, glass works, stained glass, dance, songwriting, music and doll making. Participants created original works of art that encouraged people to have the conversation about advance care planning with their loved ones. Having one’s voice spoken from the heART is a common theme throughout the submitted pieces.





Angela Termarsch, ‘Teacup’, ‘Clown’ and ‘Angel’ Paverpol Sculptures                             

April Dyck,   ‘Joy’ and ‘Army of Angels’, Original Paintings                               

Barbara Simonson,   ‘ Out of the Box’, Painted Craft Coffin                 

Cheryl Moore,  Laughter is Good for the Soul’, Ala Prima Painting Series          

Cleo Agar,   ‘Where is my Mind?’, Contemporary Dance              

♥ Christina Nienaber-Roberts The Things That Are Important To Me’, Photography & Writing 

Dandelion,    Are you Listening to Me? A Whimsical Fantasy of the Final Journey from Here to There’, Original Script and Dramatic Play              

E. Ann Behrens,    ‘Come The Day’, Creative Writing                        

♥ Jane Gilchrist,  ‘Is There An Elephant in the Room?’, Puppetry Video                          

Janet Shaw,  ‘Piano Selections’, Piano Playing                                         

Julia Campbell,  ‘Dance to the end of Love’, Guitar & Song                              

Kath Street,   ‘Tunnel of Love’, Copper Sculpture  &   ‘Selection of Writings’                       

L’ARCHE Comox Valley Outreach Centre      Watercolour Paintings

Brandy Jensen         ‘Happy Hearts’ 

Gary Scavarda          'Love'

Joe Lacourse           ‘Overflowing with Hearts’

Mildred Johnson      ‘Red Heart’

Rachel Scott            ‘Sparkling Hearts’

Robert Cronk           ‘Pastel Heart’

Shelley Blake-Knox   ‘From the Heart’

Suzanne Davis          'Fruit of the Heart’

L’ARCHE Group Art Piece 1:   ‘A Community of Hearts ‘, by Brandy, Chrissy, Gary, Jennifer, Joe, Judith, Millie, Rachel, Robert, Shelley, Suzanne

L’ARCHE Group Art Piece 2:   ‘Button Heart ‘. by Shelley and Claire

Lynn Black,   ‘My Loving Family and Friends’, Painting                           

Marla Thirsk,  ‘Eat, Love, Play’, Original Painting, Art Dolls and Paperclay Sculptures

Martha Ponting, ‘I Hope You Danced’ ; ‘Shelter & Grace’ ; ‘Where Serenity & Grace Prevail’ ; ‘The Desiderata’, Paintings                        

Martin Kaspers,  ‘Trio of Landscapes’, Photography                

Mikeoula,     ‘Healing Sounds', Sound Practitioner       

Monique Thompson, ’07:25 am & 4:53 pm The Same Day’, Photography                 

♥ Patti Wilson,  ‘Stained Glass Selections’                            

Ron Simmons,   ‘Trio of Birdhouses’, Woodworking Birdhouses             

Sabine Arends,    ‘ Glass Selections’, Fireworx Glass                             

Sharon Bearpark, ‘My Voice’, Photography & Creative Writing     

Sue Pyper,   ‘Did Someone Say Treats?’,  ‘Daisies’,  ‘Going With The Flow and 'The Wishing Stone’, Painting & Pointillism                      

Voices Three  - Helen Austin, Judy Wing and Sue Pyper, ‘The Last Rhapsody’, Adapted lyrics to Bohemian Rhapsody and Acapella Singing       

  Wendy Lynn East,  ‘Rock Art Collection’, Painted Rock Art                                    

heARTful Expressions is now closed to submissions. We are grateful to each and every one of the participating artists as the conversation about advance care planning continues in our communities. Inquiries may be directed to Comox Valley Hospice Society 250-339-5533. 


On behalf of the Comox Valley Advance Care Planning Committee we would like to acknowledge the following Sponsors and Draw Prize Contributors for their support of the 2014 National Advance Care Planning Day events

Ambassador Shuttle

Berwick Comox Valley

Comox Valley Hospice Society

Courtenay Little Theatre

L’Arche Comox Valley

Locals Restaurant at The Old House

Majestic Bed & Breakfast & Kayaking, Ucluelet

Sovereign Order of St. John of Jerusalem

St. Joseph’s General Hospital 

Vigneti Zanatta Winery, Cowichan Valley


And a special note of thanks to our Presenters and Performers

Cleo Agar

Janet Shaw

Julia Campbell

Lynn Brandon


Ted Hicks

Voices Three – Judy Wing, Sue Pyper and Helen Austin


The Artist, Creativity and 'Having the Conversation'

The artist trains him or herself while animated by a unique longing.

There are no outer ready-made maps for what the artist wants to create as one’s heart pushes out to the edge in the creation of something original.

The artist is called not so much from the outside as from the unknown depths within, and the invitation to create comes from elsewhere.

Artists coax the invisible towards a form where it becomes faintly visible, or silence moves towards voice. Out of the flow something new begins to emerge.

The artist is fiercely called to truth.

Despite all of the personal limitation and uncertainty, the artist has to express what he or she finds.

The artist is always faithful to longing first. This willingness to follow the longing “wherever it leads” enables all kinds of new possibilities of creation.

The Artist is a permanent pilgrim finding their voice in their chosen medium.

Art leads to another way of ‘having the conversation’ about important life issues, beliefs, values and wishes.  Art and creativity may be one’s chosen route to advance care planning.

 - Adapted from ‘Eternal Echoes’’ by John O’Donohue, Author of Anam Cara


The heART of advance care planning

H ave the conversation

E xpress your wishes

A llow your voice to be heard

R eveal what is important to you 

ell those you love




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